Yeovil Ales

Guest Beers Archive

Here you will find a selection of the guest beers we have stocked in the past

Please visit our Current Guest Beers page for our current stock and coming soons

Ploughman's Pride 4.2% by Great Newsome
Independence 4.6% by Bristol Beer Factory
Chopper 3.8% by Great Heck Brewing
Hopfen IPA 5.7% by Saltaire Brewery
Chestnut 4.5% by Portobello
Shropshire Lad 4.5% by Wood's Brewery
Citra Pale 4.4% by Whitstable Brewery
Early Drop 6% by Ham Hill Cider
Tessera 3.8% by Liverpool Organic Brewery
Roaring Meg 5.5% by Springhead Brewery
English Pale Ale 4.0% by H.B. Clark
Bier Head 4.1% by Liverpool Organic Brewery
Session IPA 3.8% by Longman Brewery
Dr Mortonís Myar Skikt 4.1% by Abbeydale
New Zealand Black IPA 6.0% by Blue Bee Brewery
Christopher 4.5% by Great Heck Brewing
Redshift 4.2% by Yeovil Ales
Summit Hoppy 4.0% by Muirhouse Brewery
Teenage Kicks 4.5% by Acorn Brewery
Session Pale 4.1% by Downlands Brewery
Sunrise 4.4% by Bristol Beer Factory
XT3 4.2% by XT Brewery
Black Shadow 4.7% by Nethergate Brewery
New Dawn 4.9% by Raw Brewery
Styrian Cardinal 3.9% by Crouch Vale
Little John 4.3% by Lincoln Green Brewery
The Mancunian 4.5% by Brightside
Poets Tipple 4.0% by Ashover Brewery
Pricky Back Otchan 4.2% by Great Newsome
Dr Morton's Zombie Chainsaw 4.1% by Abbeydale
Dorset Knob 3.9% by Dorset Brewing Company
Green Barrel 4.2% by Dawkins Ales
Dark Brown Ale 4.2% by Tyne Bank Brewery
Priory Mild 3.5% by Nethergate Brewery
India Plain Ale 5.2% by Plain Ales
Traditional 6% by Thatchers Cider
Dark Peak Stout 4.5% by Raw Brewery
Kentish Reserve 5.0% by Whitstable Brewery
Our Town 4.0% by Brightside
Frothingham Best 4.3% by Great Newsome
Angel Amber Ale 4.3% by Wylam Brewery
Crystal Gold 4.2% by H.B. Clark
J Bomb 4.7% by Arbor Ales
Pearl of Kent 4.5% by Whitstable Brewery
Styrian Cardinal 4.4% by Whitstable Brewery
First Chopped Apricots 4.8%% by Waen Brewery
XT8 4.5% by XT Brewery
40 Not Out 4.0% by H.B. Clark
YPA 7.3% by Yeovil Ales
Doodackie 5.5% by Arbor Ales
Old Moor Porter 4.4% by Acorn Brewery
Independence 4.1% by Raw Brewery
Sparta 4.3% by Milton Brewery
Vesper NWA 3.8% by Cross Bay Brewery
Rogue 4.6% by Brightside
Full Steam Ahead 4.3% by Ramsbury Brewery
Essex Border 4.8% by Nethergate Brewery
Gin and Beer it 5.0% by Lincoln Green Brewery
Double Deception 4.5% by Abbeydale
Karpo 4.3% by Neepsend
Marion 3.8%% by Lincoln Green Brewery
Spring Forward 4.5% by Yeovil Ales
Antipodes 4.5% by Dawkins Ales
Best 3.6% by Isle of Purbeck
American 5 Hop 4.3% by Blue Bee Brewery
Odin 3.8% by Brightside
Littlemoor Citra 4.1% by Ashover Brewery
Centennial IPA 5.0% by Blue Bee Brewery
Scarlet 4.8% by Lincoln Green Brewery
Porters Perfection 7.0% by Bridge Farm Cider
Moonshine 4.3% by Abbeydale
XT13 4.5% by XT Brewery
Ginger Beer 4.5% by Blue Bee Brewery
Manchester Skyline 4.6% by Brightside
Proverbs 31.6 6.0% by Great Heck Brewing
Bourbon Milk Stout 4.3% by Sonnet 43
Old 4.4% by Downlands Brewery
Bristol Gold 4.4% by Dawkins Ales
Bristol Best 4.0% by Dawkins Ales
Bath Best 4.0% by Abbey Ales
Solstice Gold 4.2% by Brightside
Philosopher 6.0% by Orchard Pig
Halo 3.6% by Cross Bay Brewery
Minerva 4.6% by Milton Brewery
Flutter 4.6% by XT Brewery
Plum Mild 3.8% by B&T Brewery
Mercy 4.0% by Great Heck Brewing
Old Man 4.3% by Longman Brewery
XT 15 4.5% by XT Brewery
Lacuna 3.8% by Neepsend
Kent Coast 3.9% by Whitstable Brewery
Zenith 5.0% by Cross Bay Brewery
Conscript 4.2% by Twisted Brewery
Prince Bishop Ale 4.8% by Big Lamp Brewery
Pacific Ghost IPA 5.9% by Raw Brewery
Blackwater Mild 3.7% by Crouch Vale
Stiff Lip 5.5% by Portobello
Edge 4.2% by Kinver Brewery
Cornucopia Ale 4.2% by Great Newsome
Caen Hill 5.0% by Kennet & Avon Brewery
M Gyle 1000 7.4% by Ashover Brewery
Rusty 4.2% by Ashover Brewery
Triton 4.5% by Neepsend
Growling Copper 5.6% by Waen Brewery
Perry 5.5% by Bridge Farm Cider
Simcoe Pale 3.8% by Raw Brewery
Ruby 4.8% by Keystone
Shopping For Hops 3.8% by Muirhouse Brewery
Kitty Wilkinson 4.5% by Liverpool Organic Brewery
Shipwreck IPA 6.5% by Liverpool Organic Brewery
Red Lion 4.6% by Ashover Brewery
Wilcot Wide 4.6% by Kennet & Avon Brewery
Wiltshire Pale Ale 3.8% by Keystone
Justinian 3.9% by Milton Brewery
Jonah 4.3% by Empire Brewing
Damson Porter 4.8% by Ashover Brewery
Queen Bee 4.2% by Slaters Brewery
Ginger 4.6% by Enville Brewery
Grey Ghost IPA 5.9% by Raw Brewery
Maverick 4.8% by Brightside
Best 4.1% by Downlands Brewery
Pamplemousse 4.2% by Waen Brewery
Edwin Taylors Stout 4.5% by B&T Brewery
East India Pale Ale 4.1% by Whitstable Brewery
ZIPA 4.7% by Neepsend
Maximus 5.0% by Abbey Ales
Silver Dollar 4.9% by Tyne Bank Brewery
Perry 6% by Hecks
Cascade 3.8% by Liverpool Organic Brewery
Night Train 6.0% by Yeovil Ales
Old Growler 5.0% by Nethergate Brewery
Dry 6.5% by Ham Hill Cider
Navalgazer 6.0% by Orchard Pig
Resolution IPA 5.3% by Dawkins Ales
Landmark 5.5% by Waen Brewery
Red Santa 4.2% by Nethergate Brewery
Fubar 4.4% by Tiny Rebel
Outlawed 3.8% by Springhead Brewery
Hop Contract 4.3% by Downlands Brewery
Cascade Pale Ale 4.8% by Saltaire Brewery
Yakima Gold 4.2% by Crouch Vale
White Friar 4.5% by Abbey Ales
Monument 4.1% by Tyne Bank Brewery
Citra! 4.5% by Dawkins Ales
Magnum Mild 4.5% by Muirhouse Brewery
Reet Pale 4.0% by Blue Bee Brewery
Deception 4.1% by Abbeydale
Alfie's Revenge 6.5% by Driftwood Spars
Workie Ticket 4.5% by Mordue Brewery
Umbel Ale 3.8% by Nethergate Brewery
Citra 4.5% by Great Heck Brewing
US IPA #2 5.4% by Raw Brewery
Pegasus 4.1% by Milton Brewery
The Red Comet 4.8% by Blue Bee Brewery
Navigator 3.9% by Great Heck Brewing
Growler Bitter 3.9% by Nethergate Brewery
Radgie Gadgie 4.8% by Mordue Brewery
Rusty Lane 4.4% by Kennet & Avon Brewery
Lady of the Lake 4.2% by Glastonbury Ales
Sundancer 3.7% by Twickenham Fine Ales
Cockney Rebel 5.4% by Waen Brewery
Gold Tankard 4.0% by Wylam Brewery
Solar Power 4.3% by Isle of Purbeck
Washington Red 4.7% by Great Heck Brewing
Beach Blonde 4.4% by Sunny Republic
Hat Trick IPA 5.2% by Muirhouse Brewery
Back in The Building 5.0% by Muirhouse Brewery
Yakima Valley IPA 7.0% by Arbor Ales
Sunny Daze 3.6% by Big Lamp Brewery
Styrian Dragon 4.5% by Great Heck Brewing
Lemon Drizzle 3.7% by Waen Brewery
South Island 4.2% by Vale of Glamorgan
Sandbanks Bitter 3.9% by Bournemouth Brewing Co
Cheddar Valley 6% by Thatchers Cider
White Amarillo 4.1% by Durham Brewery
Hopping Mad 4.7% by Wood's Brewery
Voodoo Mild 4.3% by Great Heck Brewing
Euro Pale 3.9% by Raw Brewery
Blonde 4.0% by Acorn Brewery
Conversion 4.1% by H.B. Clark
Dark Life 4.5% by Downlands Brewery
Red Ellen 4.4% by Jarrow Brewery
Gold Spice 4.0% by Keystone
Dockfield Porter 5.0% by Saltaire Brewery
El Dorado 4.5% by Dawkins Ales
Light Headed 4.0% by Vale of Glamorgan
Zoo 5.5% by Ashover Brewery
American Pale Ale 5.0% by Isle of Purbeck
Sandbanks Export 5.7% by Bournemouth Brewing Co
Amarillo 5.0% by Brightside
English Cascade 4.4% by Whitstable Brewery
Double Hop, Carrot Top 4.3% by Empire Brewing
Blonde 3.9% by Raw Brewery
Black Mass 6.6% by Abbeydale
Renaissance 3.8% by Whitstable Brewery
Baby Ghost IPA 3.9% by Raw Brewery
Turning Stone 4.4% by Ashover Brewery
Chalk Stream 5.0% by Ramsbury Brewery
Brewers Gold 4.0% by Crouch Vale
New Dawn 3.9% by Navigation Brewery
Rhino 4.6% by XT Brewery
Cheer Up 4.6% by Keystone
Brimstone 3.9% by Abbeydale
Porter 5.0% by Empire Brewing
Traditional Sweet Cider 6.0% by Tricky Cider Co
Waimea 4.4% by Whitstable Brewery
DAVE 3.8% by Great Heck Brewing
TFI Christmas 4.4% by Brightside
Sleck Dust 3.8% by Great Newsome
Season 4 Oat Stout 5.0% by Brightside
Somerset Ale 3.8% by Abbey Ales
Big Brother Porter 5% by Empire Brewing
Chocolate Orange Odyssey 4.5% by Springhead Brewery
XT4 3.8% by XT Brewery
Amber 4.0% by Sarah Hughes Brewery
Sunset Red 4.2% by Driftwood Spars
Spring Green 4.3% by Lincoln Green Brewery
xxx 4.2% by Yeovil Ales
Kingston Black 7% by Hecks
Copper Hop 4.2% by Longman Brewery
Jurassic 4.2% by Dorset Brewing Company
Equinox 4.0% by Isle of Purbeck
YOLO#8 4.2% by Yeovil Ales
Left Lion 4.0% by Springhead Brewery
Market Porter 4.6% by Portobello
Rollabout Stout Mark II 5.0% by Neepsend
Beer 5.0% by Milk Street
Font 3.8% by Ashover Brewery
Pale Ale 3.8% by Slaters Brewery
Absolution 5.3% by Abbeydale
Enville Ale 4.5% by Enville Brewery
Traditional 3.8% by H.B. Clark
Shefford Bitter 3.8% by B&T Brewery
Bramber 4.5% by Downlands Brewery
Innocence 4.0% by Plain Ales
Blonde 4% by Neepsend
Root Thirteen 3.6% by Downlands Brewery
Saturnalia 5.3% by Milton Brewery
Try Ale 4.2% by Raw Brewery
Cascade 4.5% by Great Heck Brewing
Happy Days 3.6% by Brightside
American Pale Ale 4.8% by Longman Brewery
Studland Bay Wrecked 4.5% by Isle of Purbeck
IPA 4.8% by Isle of Purbeck
The Usual 4.4% by Milk Street
Jack the Devil 4.5% by Cullercoats Brewery
Hood 4.2% by Lincoln Green Brewery
Large One 4.2% by Keystone
Saviour 5.5% by Navigation Brewery
Wild Hop 4.1% by Crouch Vale
Baby Pacific Ghost IPA 3.9% by Raw Brewery
Winter Cheer 4.4% by Twickenham Fine Ales
Premium 4.4% by Slaters Brewery
Golden Warrior 3.8% by Empire Brewing
Pax 5.7% by Neepsend
First Chopped Seville Orange 4.8%% by Waen Brewery
Amish Mash 4.7% by Great Heck Brewing
Firebox 6.0% by RCH
Bramling Cross 3.6% by Raw Brewery
Grandstand 3.8% by Twickenham Fine Ales
Amarillo 4.6% by Milk Street
Imperial IPA 5.0% by Empire Brewing
Shropshire Gold 3.8% by Salopian Brewery
Drop O' The Black Stuff 4.0% by Springhead Brewery
Anubis Porter 5.2% by Raw Brewery
William Roscoe 4.3% by Liverpool Organic Brewery
Smoking Pistol 4.3% by Empire Brewing
YOLO#12 4.2% by Yeovil Ales
Citrus 4.8% by Slaters Brewery
Yeo Ho Ho! 4.5% by Yeovil Ales
Fountaindale 4.3% by Lincoln Green Brewery
Perle 4.1% by H.B. Clark
VPA 4.0% by Portobello
Patriot 3.8% by Navigation Brewery
Heritage 4.9% by Thatchers Cider
Red Velvet 4.6% by Ramsbury Brewery
Magus 3.8% by Durham Brewery
Fallen Angel 4.5% by Springhead Brewery
RIPA 4.0% by Cross Bay Brewery
Finn's Hall Porter 4.7% by Beowulf
Rainbows End 4.5% by Ashover Brewery
Merrie City Cascadian 4.0% by H.B. Clark
Special 857 4.5% by Liverpool Organic Brewery
Gold 4.5% by Ramsbury Brewery
Speak Easy 4.6% by Vale of Glamorgan
Golden Grains 4.6% by Bournemouth Brewing Co
Lovely Nelly 3.9% by Cullercoats Brewery
Best Bitter 4.0% by Longman Brewery
Surrender 4.8% by Springhead Brewery
Dynamo Pale Ale 4.8% by Arbor Ales
Top Totty 4.0% by Slaters Brewery
Jurassic Joule 5.0% by Isle of Purbeck
Moon Rakers 3.8% by Empire Brewing
Foxhangers 3.8% by Kennet & Avon Brewery
Snazzy Beer 4.5% by Great Heck Brewing
Animal Brewing Co -Hippo 4.8% by XT Brewery
Hidden Colour 4.2% by Downlands Brewery
Bellringer 4.2% by Abbey Ales
Liverpool Pilsner 4.7% by Liverpool Organic Brewery
Oyster Stout 4.5% by Whitstable Brewery
Sunset 4.2% by Cross Bay Brewery
Mate Spawn and Die 5.0% by Hopcraft
Dusk 4.0% by Cross Bay Brewery
Indium 5.9% by Lincoln Green Brewery
Edge American Pale 4.3% by Raw Brewery
Paradox 3.2% by Raw Brewery
Pig's Ear 5.2% by Great Newsome
Goats Leap 5.5% by Cheddar Ales
Yorkshire Pride 3.7% by Acorn Brewery
Thin Ice 4.5% by Sadler's Ales
Trafalgar 4.0% by Great Heck Brewing
Resolution 5.0% by Downlands Brewery
Oracle 4.0% by Salopian Brewery
Sheep DIp 3.8% by Plain Ales
Hop 145 4.2% by Yeovil Ales
Dragons Gold 5.2% by B&T Brewery
Barnsley Bitter 3.8% by Acorn Brewery
Redhead 4.1% by Twickenham Fine Ales
Funky Monkey 4.0% by Milk Street
Tremendous Delicious 4.4% by Dawkins Ales
Suffolk County 4.0% by Nethergate Brewery
Sherwood 4.4% by Lincoln Green Brewery
White City 4.5% by Portobello
Willis 5.0% by Neepsend
Proverbs 31:7 4.5% by Great Heck Brewing
XT5 5.5% by XT Brewery
Winkle Picker 4.5% by Whitstable Brewery
Ekuanot IPA 5.5% by Neepsend
Hedgemonkey 4.8% by Glastonbury Ales
Edge Pale Ale 4.5% by Raw Brewery
Blue Sky Drinking 4.4% by Arbor Ales
Josef Keller 4.8% by Lincoln Green Brewery
Foresters Black 4.8% by Dawkins Ales
Sheriff 5.5% by Lincoln Green Brewery
Shefford Pale Ale 4.5% by B&T Brewery
Kennet Valley 4.1% by Ramsbury Brewery
Rakau 5% by Liverpool Organic Brewery
Hunky Dory 4.7% by Triple FFF
Ramblers Gold 3.8% by Stocklinch Ales
The Fabrick 4.4% by Ashover Brewery
Old Slug Porter 4.5% by RCH
Naked Ladies 4.4% by Twickenham Fine Ales
Amarillo 3.9% by Raw Brewery
Fossil Fuel 4.1% by Isle of Purbeck
Citra-Sonic 4.4% by Triple FFF
Lemon Head 4.0% by Nethergate Brewery
Waxies Dargle 4.9% by Waen Brewery
Infinity 4.6% by Blue Monkey
Liquorice 5.0% by Ashover Brewery
Same Again 3.8%% by Ramsbury Brewery
Dark Matter 4.4% by Vale of Glamorgan
Dunstable Giant 4.4% by B&T Brewery
Huna Red 4.2% by Sunny Republic
Crystal 4.5% by Kinver Brewery
Blonde 4.3% by Great Heck Brewing
New Zealand Pale 4.4% by Sunny Republic
Umbel Magna 5.0% by Nethergate Brewery
Twelfth Night 5.0% by Abbey Ales
Lest We Forget 4.2% by XT Brewery
The Greedy King 4.7% by Muirhouse Brewery
BST 4.5% by Yeovil Ales
Port Wine of Glastonbury 6.5% by Hecks
Pressure Drop 4.5% by Waen Brewery
Fabarillo 4.2% by Yeovil Ales
Bristol Blonde 3.8% by Dawkins Ales
American Pale Ale 5.4% by Sonnet 43
99 Red Baboons 4.2% by Blue Monkey
Raw Steel IPA 3 6.2% by Raw Brewery
Theia 3.6% by Neepsend
Sheep Dip 3.8% by Plain Ales
Deerstalker 4.0% by Ramsbury Brewery
Amarillo 5.0% by Crouch Vale
Tuck 4.7% by Lincoln Green Brewery
Sweetlips 4.6% by Springhead Brewery
London Pilsner 4.6% by Portobello
VPA 4.6% by Keystone
Pirates Gold 4.5% by Muirhouse Brewery
Rudolph's Ruin 4.2% by Springhead Brewery
Treasure IPA 4.8% by Great Heck Brewing
Perry's Vintage Reserve 6% by Perry's Cider
Dana Pale 3.9% by Blue Bee Brewery
APA 5.0% by Portobello
Liverpool Pale Ale 4% by Liverpool Organic Brewery
Golden Fox 4.1% by B&T Brewery
Westway Pale Ale 4.0% by Portobello
Golden Glow 4.4% by Holdens
Voyage Geek 4.8% by Blue Bee Brewery
Spring Equinox 4.6% by Dorset Brewing Company
Orpheus 4.2% by Milton Brewery
Summer Daze 4.2% by Vale of Glamorgan
XT2 4.2% by XT Brewery
Blind Tiger 4.5% by Springhead Brewery
Evensong 5.0% by Durham Brewery
Haka 5.2% by Slaters Brewery
Mutiny 4.4% by Dorset Brewing Company
Sesiwn 4.1% by Vale of Glamorgan
Holderness Dark 4.3% by Great Newsome
Moonraker 4.5% by Bournemouth Brewing Co
Merrie City Atlantic Hop 4.0% by H.B. Clark
Strikes Back 4.0% by Empire Brewing
Baby Chocolate Ghost IPA 3.9% by Raw Brewery
Nightfall 3.8% by Cross Bay Brewery
Cream Head 5.1% by Navigation Brewery
Gold Hill 4.0% by Keystone
Shankar IPA 5.9% by Great Heck Brewing
Barnsley Gold 4.3% by Acorn Brewery
Dragonslayer 4.5% by B&T Brewery
Westgate Gold 4.2% by H.B. Clark
24 Carrot Gold 4.2% by Liverpool Organic Brewery
Rivet Catcher 4.0% by Jarrow Brewery
Champions Ale 4.7% by Twickenham Fine Ales
JR Best Bitter 4.2% by Raw Brewery
Sahara Dust 4.0% by Brightside
Shefford Dark Mild 3.8% by B&T Brewery
Forest Blond 4.3% by Driftwood Spars
Archer 4.0% by Lincoln Green Brewery
Malibrew 4.5% by Muirhouse Brewery
Arty Farty 3.9% by Plain Ales
Seven 4.2% by Bristol Beer Factory
Mellow Yellow 4.1% by Sadler's Ales
Joseph Williamson 4.0% by Liverpool Organic Brewery
Centennial Pale 4.0% by Raw Brewery
Classic Blonde 3.9% by H.B. Clark
Robin Hood 4.0% by Springhead Brewery
Maid Marian 4.5% by Springhead Brewery
Splendour 4.3% by Navigation Brewery
Pillbox 4.0% by Kennet & Avon Brewery
Stour Valley Gold 4.2% by Nethergate Brewery
B Side 4.2% by Brightside
Rebel 4.2% by Navigation Brewery
YOLO#9 4.2% by Yeovil Ales
Brightside Best 4.3% by Brightside
Dark Ruby Mild 6.0% by Sarah Hughes Brewery
Kiwi Pale 3.6% by Raw Brewery
Elderflower Blonde 4.0% by Saltaire Brewery
YOLO#6 4.2% by Yeovil Ales
MMM Manchester Magic Mild 5.0% by Brightside
Black Country Mild 3.7% by Holdens
Fully Fitted Freight 4% by Muirhouse Brewery
Gorlovka 6.0% by Acorn Brewery
Animal Brewing Co - Goat 4.6% by XT Brewery
Milk Stout 4.5% by Bristol Beer Factory
Dark Raven 4.5% by Beowulf
Summer Pale 4.1% by Acorn Brewery
Brown Cow Bitter 3.8% by Raw Brewery
Anchor Street Porter 4.9% by Crouch Vale
Innspiration 4.0% by Plain Ales
Fancy Beer 4.5% by Great Heck Brewing
Native Bitter 3.7% by Whitstable Brewery
Spice of Life 5.0% by Springhead Brewery
YOLO#5 4.2% by Yeovil Ales
Hillfoot Best Bitter 4.0% by Blue Bee Brewery
Bellringer 4.2% by Abbey Ales
Gorge Best 4.0% by Cheddar Ales
XT1 4.2% by XT Brewery
Dont Tell Them Your Name Pyke 4.6% by Muirhouse Brewery
Southern Hemisphere 4.8% by Downlands Brewery
Hop 127 4.2% by Yeovil Ales
YOLO#3 4.2% by Yeovil Ales
Josephine Butler 4.5% by Liverpool Organic Brewery
Black Jesus 6.5% by Great Heck Brewing
Steerage 3.8% by Titanic Brewery
Raki 4.3% by Neepsend
Daily Bread 3.8% by Abbeydale
Augustinian 4.5% by Nethergate Brewery
Inn Keeper 4.8% by Longman Brewery
Spring Ale 4.4% by Twickenham Fine Ales
Dionysis 3.8% by Milton Brewery
Jem's Stout 4.3% by Great Newsome
Christmas Spirit 4.6% by Whitstable Brewery
Smoked 5.2% by Ashover Brewery
Traditional Dry Cider 6.0% by Tricky Cider Co
Inferno 4% by Oakham Ales
Star 4.3% by Portobello
Flint Knapper 4.2% by Ramsbury Brewery
Shunters Pole 3.8% by Muirhouse Brewery
Hairy Hooker 4.1% by Plain Ales
Ruby Jewel 3.9% by Muirhouse Brewery
Ashton Brown Jersey 6.5% by Bridge Farm Cider
Zenith Pale 3.7% by Raw Brewery
Dundas 4.2% by Kennet & Avon Brewery

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Hopkandi 3.8%Stout Hearted 4.3%Star Gazer 4.0%Lynx Wildcat 4.3%POSH IPA 5.4%Ruby 4.5%Summerset 4.1%